Inspired by all things natural, I am a mostly self-taught artist, and have been painting and drawing since I was a little girl.  Art is a passion, and when I’m not working on it, I’m thinking about it.  The process of creating a beautiful portrait from something as simple as a pencil and a piece of paper is magical.

From baby smooth skin to weathered and aged, faces are intriguing.  No matter how many times I look at a face, there is always something new to see.  Although realism is important to me, it is not as important as capturing the feeling and personality of my subjects.  With graphite and charcoal I can begin each piece with high technicality and high contrast but finish up with a realistic softness.  However, the urge to create something full of color is sometimes undeniable and I’ll delve into pastels or acrylics or water-soluble oils (I call them eco-oils), and play.

All of my portraits are created on acid-free Bristol board, but to preserve the integrity of the paper, they must be matted and backed with acid-free or archival quality materials.  These are part of the artworks that your family will treasure and pass down from generation to generation.  You’ll want to be sure they will look good for years to come.